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2015-16 Q4 Prek Class Project – Multicultural week

Multicultural week : We traveled around the world to each country the students were from, watched videos and learned about their culture and foods. Passports were made for them along with a setup of being in an airplane to give them the full experience. 1,551 total views, no views today

1,551 total views, no views today

2015-16 Q4 –KG Class Science projects

Look what our little explorers made! The students had a Science and Social Studies project where they had to make a display of the Solar System and they had to pinpoint the location of their home. The students learned all about space as well as where they live and what […]

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2015-16 Q4 –KG Class Arabic projects

The Arabic alphabet wall post for Kindergarten for this year. Ma Shaa Allah they have learned the Arabic alphabet with the proper sound for each letter and learn few words for each letter Alhamdulilah. 2,533 total views, no views today

2,533 total views, no views today

2015-16 Q4 – 2nd Grade Social Studies Canoe Project

2nd Grade 4th Quarter Social Studies Canoe Project Objective: Students are learning about the history of Indians and how brilliant they were when using natural resources to craft canoes.    Students were required to replicate a canoe using natural resources available. 1,711 total views, 2 views today

1,711 total views, 2 views today