Thank You for a successful YEAR

Dear Al-Huda community Assalamu alikum wa rahmathullah!

Thank you for Your Contribution!

Alhamdullilah! with Great Mercy of Allah ﷻ and He ﷻ enabled each one of you to support the Islamic Education in Central PA, Al-Huda School has to share the following accomplishments!

  • 37,226 Total Student Financial Aid awarded during this period
  • 2,729 – Average Tuition collected per student after aid and discounts
  • 140 – number of Al-Huda students enrolled during this period
  • 24,450 in Zakat was distributed to 8 Zakat eligible families and 12 students benefited during this period
  • Zakat funds were distributed according to the Qur’an [9:60]
  • 33,550 Donations raised towards Building fund

The following events and projects are done in partnership with penny appeal & Ansaar-ul-Birr

  • 280 Giveaway Supplies to Elementary & Middle School students
  • Conducted Three food drive events & distributed 550 bags of essential food to the needy community members
  • Distributed 250 bags of Grocery items to the local community


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