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Alhamdulillah! 10 years of serving Central PA with Islamic Education

Here are some information about Al-Huda School PA:

  • School established in 2009 with 35 students in Pre-school through Grade 1.
  • Currently over 100 students in Pre-school through Grade 5
  • Cyber program for Grades 6-11 with Arabic, Quran and Islamic Studies
  • 18 full-time and 12 substitute staff members.
  • Disbursed over $20000 towards financial aid and scholarships each year.
  • 16 nationalities represented at Al-Huda School.
  • Student return rate is over 95%
  • Student evaluation through PSSA
  • Introduced MAP test for lower grades
  • Huffaz! Four of our students memorized the entire Quran
  • CAIU assistance in regards to students evaluation and staff training
  • Local school district provides training to our staff
  • Professional development through Alhuda, MD
  • NPIS fund helps us to provide our students with workbooks and other educational items
  • Close monitoring of cyber students and their performance
  • Creating jobs for the local community
  • Community Events – Educational Workshops, Spelling BEE & Quran competitions

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