Study Island Contest Winner – Spring 2016-17

Ma sha Allah! For this spring semester Al-Huda School students won the Edmentum Academic Sprints Contest.

“There are thousands of schools that use Study Island across the country and finishing first is no small feat and a testament to the strong implementation you have going on at your school.” -Regional Vice President Edmentum

Edmentum’s customizable K–12 practice and assessment solution, Study Island, is designed to support formative assessment strategies in the classroom. On August 22nd, Study Island challenged all of our participating schools to earn as many unique Blue Ribbons as possible by demonstrating a mastery score of 70% or more on assignments. With over 800 schools participating this year, Al Huda School took first place for our Spring Semester Winner category, averaging 92.6 Blue Ribbons per student. That means each student successfully completed on average 92 assignments with a score of 70% or above throughout the year! Way to go!

“Our prizes are $300 Pizza Hut Pizza Party to Next Year, In Sha’ Allah + 5 Chromebook!” -Al-Huda School PA Principal

Congratulations Students and Staff on this impressive accomplishment! Ma sha Allah! -Al-Huda School PA Shura

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