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2nd Grade Indian Themed Board Projects

Students were walking back in time. The objective of the Social Studies project was to allow students to understand how to craft their own shoes made out of readily available items. Indians had to use natural resources to craft many of the items they used. The objective was to get […]

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2nd Grade Food Web Projects

Students were required to make a display showing a food web. Students were required to give a speech during their presentation classifying what were the top consumer(s), and predator(s). 1,446 total views, no views today

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2nd Grade Solar System Projects

Ma shaa Allah students in second grade had to make 3D Solar System projects which were due today. Ma shaa Allah TabarakAllah they were overall fantastic and amazing MA SHAA ALLAH! The objective for the assignment was: Students are learning about the Solar System, and that Allah subhan wa’ta Allah […]

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