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2018-19 Q4 KG & Grade 1 Quran Competition

Ma Shaa Allah the students did wonderful and great job in reciting Quran in the Al-Huda School (KG & Grade 1 class level) Quran Competition. The Quran competition for first grade was about 17 surah. The Quran competition for KG was about 12 surah KG G1 1,365 total views, no views […]

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2017-18 Q2 KG students during their free time

2017-18 Q2 KG students during their free time

These are the pictures of Some students in KG class who preferred to write Arabic alphabet during their free time at school on Friday Dec22,2017 Ma Shaa Allah. Sis.Rasha KG Arabic teacher really so proud of them. 1,802 total views, no views today

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Kindergarten Graduation Day 2016-17

Kindergarten Graduation Day 2016-17

Al-Huda School, recently celebrated another colorful and exciting graduation ceremony under the school premises. The smart and tiny tots of KG dressed in graduation robes and caps marched in a row. It was indeed a joyous and memorable day to the little ones as they received their KG Graduation Day […]

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2015-16 Q4 –KG Class Science projects

Look what our little explorers made! The students had a Science and Social Studies project where they had to make a display of the Solar System and they had to pinpoint the location of their home. The students learned all about space as well as where they live and what […]

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2015-16 Q4 –KG Class Arabic projects

The Arabic alphabet wall post for Kindergarten for this year. Ma Shaa Allah they have learned the Arabic alphabet with the proper sound for each letter and learn few words for each letter Alhamdulilah. 2,593 total views, no views today

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2015-16 Q1 – KG Class projects

KG Social Studies Family Tree Project to recognize family members. This is from the KG computer lab. KG-student’s Painting Project 2,951 total views, no views today

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Kindergarten’s Arabic learning Projects

The students in KG did this project, as part of the completion of learning Arabic alphabet letters. This includes recognition of letters with their sound and giving the examples for each letters clearly. During the whole school year they have been practicing to write their names everyday in the class. This is why their names are under the Arabic […]

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Kindergarten’s Rock Museum Projects

Kindergarten worked in groups and established a rock museum in their class. They sorted rocks in different categories. They sorted them in size (small, medium, large), in shapes (round, oval), in colors ( black, gray, light red, white, shinny), spotty, jagged and smooth. They did learn skills through this project […]

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