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2018-19 Q4 2nd Grade Why I Love Ramadan Craft Project

Objective: Students have welcomed the month of Ramadan. Students were required to reflect on what they love about Ramadan, and make a Ramadan craft explaining one of the reasons they love Ramadan so much. The excitement whilst making the craft projects was incredibly beautiful to watch. Students poured their hearts […]

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2015-16 KG Graduation Ceremony

Mabrouk to our Kindergarten Graduates and their parents! The graduation ceremony was a success thanks to all your support and encouragement, Alhamdulillah. Jazakum Allahu Khairan for a wonderful year! 1,558 total views, no views today

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2015-16 Q2 – 4th Grade Class projects

4th Grade Science Adaptation Project 4th Graders completed science projects on how an adaptation of their choice differs between three different animals. The students also made models of the animals they chose to compare. 2,371 total views, no views today

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2nd Grade Solar System Projects

Ma shaa Allah students in second grade had to make 3D Solar System projects which were due today. Ma shaa Allah TabarakAllah they were overall fantastic and amazing MA SHAA ALLAH! The objective for the assignment was: Students are learning about the Solar System, and that Allah subhan wa’ta Allah […]

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