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Our Staffs

The school staff is selected based on educational qualifications, proficiency in English, Islamic values and relevant experience. All Al Huda staff have a high degree of commitment to Islamic values supplemented by sound academic backgrounds and experience. The principal supervises all activities of the school under the rules and regulations set by the school committee. The teachers, other school personnel, and volunteers work under the supervision of the principal.

Administrative Staff

The administrative staff of the Al Huda School is comprised of the principal, teachers, Administrative Assistant(s) and secretaries.

Teaching Staff

Basic Subjects
As a general rule, all grades have a full-time homeroom teachers that are responsible to teach all basic subjects to their students.

Islamic Studies,Arabic and Qur’an
A qualified Arabic teacher (with mother tongue Arabic) teaches Arabic for KG and higher grades. The school also engages other knowledgeable individuals as part of its religion staff to teach Qur’an/memorization and Islamic studies.

Support Staff/Teacher Assistant Teacher Aides help the classroom teachers of the classes as needed. The school is also fortunate to have committed volunteers to support our staff in various tasks.

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