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Why Al-Huda

Some of the reasons why one should consider a part of the Al-Huda School

  • To be in an Islamic environment and surround myself with reminders of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala).
  • To be able to take more advantage of the opportunities to learn those are available here.
  • To have good company—role models to learn from.
  • To establish something for oneself after we pass away.
  • To practice Islam without compromising anything.
  • To learn about Islam.
  • To learn how to implement Islam in my life.
  • To feel comprehensive by working for a model community.
  • For People who don’t have kids this is an opportunity to benefit from after this worldly life.
  • Spend more of my time to please Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala)
  • Use the talents that Allah (subhanahu w ta’ala) has given to benefit community and others (dawah).
  • To please Allah by establishing the word of Allah.
  • To protect one self from being distracted or pulled by things which displease Allah.
  • To enrich faith (EMAAN) and deeds (AMAL) so Allah will grant witness (shahadah) in His way.
  • To safeguard our religion in this time of trials and tribulations (fitnah).
  • As a continuous charity (Sadaqah Jariyah), which benefit even after you passed away from this life.
  • Excuse in front of Allah on Day of Judgment
  • A reason for the victory of Islam.
  • The sweetness of doing the work of the Prophets and pious predecessors.
  • Fulfilling our purpose in life.
  • To gain Allah’s Mercy (O Allah, we tried our best)
  • It is like the arc of Noah (Prophet Nuh – peace be upon him) in the midst of the waves of shirk (associating partners to Allah) and corruption around us, in the US or perhaps in the world.
  • Because the sight of the people here reminds me of Allah. The words of many people increase my knowledge; the dedication of brothers and sisters reminds me of the hereafter.
  • Just so exciting and thrilling to work and we see accomplishments with so minimal resources.
  • To worship Allah.
  • To serve the Muslims.
  • Islamic environment.
  • Making a (Islamic) difference in someone’s life.
  • Not to miss jamat because of meetings.
  • To do something concrete to help Muslims.

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